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The Journal of Indo Caribbean Research (JICR) is a multi-disciplinary Journal devoted to the study and promotion of all Indo Caribbean issues. It is a peer reviewed Journal which will examine ongoing and future research, and scholarship pertaining to Indo Caribbean people. The Journal will include historical as well as new concerns which transcend the boundaries of existing scholarship, especially when the inquiry raises unresolved and untouched issues which pertain to Indo Caribbean people. While not necessarily challenging the legitimacy of present scholarship, it is expected that contributors to the Journal of Indo Caribbean Research will bring to focus study and analysis of the social, cultural, political, economic, scientific, historical and other issues pertaining to Indo Caribbean people which have long been ignored and overlooked.

Special Issues on specific themes will be published by JICR on an occasional basis.


For further information, contact Dr. V. Chris Lakhan, Editor-in-Chief, at jicr@vclakhan.com or lakan@uwindsor.ca

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